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Description: rs40134A very comprehensive Ross (No.2) antique microscope set, engraved on the base Ross, LONDON, 4013, made in about 1875, fitted in a fine two door mahogany case which has been modified over the years to suit successive owners preference in accessories, of which there are plenty. The doors can be opened both back and front in order to get to all the accessories. The "U" shaped base of the instrument unscrews from the "Y" shaped foot. This microscope has rack & pinion course focusing and limb mounted long lever fine focus. The square stage has a slide bar. The mechanical sub-stage is controlled by the thumbwheel and has 2 centring thumbscrews. The sub-stage plano-concave mirror is mounted on an articulated arm. The lacquer is all original and has about a 98% cover with some age spotting. The eyepiece, accessories comprise 4 different powered "top hat" style oculars (A, B,C & D) and a blue tinted camera lucida. The objectives and above stage accessories, include 5 objectives in brass cans, two of which (1/5th & 1/8th) are cover correction types. Cover correction type objectives (as shown in Turner's "Great Age" book, p167), were invented by Andrew Ross in 1837, to allow corrections to be made for the thickness of the cover slips used by different slide preparers. There is a compressor, live box, twin nosepiece changer, two other accessories and an analyser, which fits inside the body tube above the nosepiece. The sub-stage items comprise a dark ground, an Abbe type condenser with a lever operated iris with filter ring, general purpose condenser with centring screws, a poleriser and a wheel of stops condenser. There are also some glass tubes, wood handled spikes & scalpel, forceps and a free-standing bullseye condenser. The microscope and accessories come in a fitted 2 door mahogany case with inset brass handle and lock & (replacement) key. - 1950





A selection of small pocket or field microscopes, are available. Prices range from 25 each.





Slides and accessories such as microscope nosepieces, camera lucidas, stage aids, objectives, sub-stage accessories, eyepieces, etc.



Photomicrography, in theory & practice - Schillaber, 1949 - 25

Modern Microscopy by Cross & Cole, 1922- 25

The Microscope - A Simple Handbook by Conrad beck (R & J Beck) 1923 - 15  

Practical Microscopy by L.C.Martin and B.K.Johnson, 1931 - 10  

Microscopes and microscopic life by Peter Healey, 1969 - 15  

The Microscope - A Practical Handbook, by A.H.Drew & L. Wright, 1922 - 15  

Common Objects of the microscope - J G Wood, 2nd ed. - 15



MMS or Manchester Microscopical & Natural History Soc.

Interested in microphotographs, then this book on Stanhopes is a must.





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