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VINTAGE BAKER  INTERFERENCE MICROSCOPE - A 20th century Interference Microscope with petrological and dark ground facilities. The instrument has both binocular and monocular eye sets, quickly exchangeable single and triple nosepieces, three, interference objective/sub stage condenser pairs (X10, X40 & X100) and a darkfield objective/sub stage condenser (X100) pair. There is a plano-concave mirror plugged into the limb beneath the sub-stage. The sub-stage has built-in lever operated iris, filter holder and separate lever operated polariser. Focussing the sub-stage is by rack & pinion thumbwheel and the sub-stage has the quick change facility for condensers. The centering/rotating stage is graduated 0 – 360 degrees and course & fine focus is by racking the whole stage assembly. Above the nosepiece is a lever for mon/bi use by sliding a small correcting lens into or out of the light path, a slider with a quarter waveplate, a rotating polarising disc graduated 0 – 240 degrees with a magnifier to help read the scale. The whole body tube assembly is removable and clamped in place with a small lever on the right side of the body tube. The binocular eye set rotates and inter-ocular separation is swinging out the eyepieces. The binocular set is replaced by a monocular set by un-screwing the ring at the top of the eyetube. As well as all the built-in features, this microscope comes with a separate goniometer eyepiece set comprising 0-360 degree graduated base with lever operated iris, above which is a sliding 6 order quartz wedge with micrometer scale and a sliding eyepiece filter pair, with magnifier. There are also two pairs of eyepieces (X5 & X10) for the binocular set and two monocular eyepieces (X7.5 micrometer & a telescoping variable power).The microscope was made by "C.BAKER, London", and comes in a fitted case along with another case of accessories. -  £2500


 A top quality Victorian burr walnut stereo viewer. The instrument folds down to 11 x 7 x 4 inches and stands some 17 inches high in use. It is in excellent working order and comes with one stereo card of the moon and a set of Victorian romantic “life” cards. - £295






A selection of small pocket or field microscopes, are available. Prices range from £25 each.




  A very comprehensive set of antique microscope slides in a fitted case. This set was compiled by Theadore Stephanides (doctor, author and naturalist but probably best known as mentor to Gerald Durrell) for his godson but sadly, he was not interested in microscopy so converted them into cash which of more use to his family. The collection comprises 100 slides covering a wide range of microscopic subjects including arranged diatoms, pollens, botanical, foraminifera, marine, insects, crystals & microphotographs. It includes slides by the very best preparers of the day such as Dancer, Topping, Moller, Ward, Norman, Cole, Clarke & Page, Doherty, Wheeler and Suter (for a complete list of the slides please click here). Each slide is listed against it's slot in the case and all the slides are in good condition with the exception of some ageing of the balsam on a few slides by lesser-known preparers. - £500

A very rare antique (pre 1877) cased microscopist's oil lamp by Swift. This lamp has the unusual brown ceramic chimney embossed on the front in gold JAMES SWIFT marking it as top of the range. The lamp stands some 15 inches high when in use, and has all original finishes. It comes complete in its original case and is in perfect working order. - £550

Slides and accessories such as microscope nosepieces, camera lucidas, stage aids, objectives, sub-stage accessories, eyepieces, etc.



INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE OF THE BECK MICROSCOPE by R & J BECK LTD. A 24 page hard back booklet on how to use the Beck microscope. - £15

Photomicrography, in theory & practice - Schillaber, 1949 - £25

Modern Microscopy by Cross & Cole, 1922- £25

The Microscope - A Simple Handbook  by Conrad beck (R & J Beck) 1923 - £15  

Practical Microscopy by L.C.Martin and B.K.Johnson, 1931 - £10  

Microscopes and microscopic life by Peter Healey, 1969 - £15  

The Microscope - A Practical Handbook, by A.H.Drew & L. Wright, 1922 - £15  

Common Objects of the microscope - J G Wood, 2nd ed. - £15



MMS or Manchester Microscopical & Natural History Soc.

Interested in microphotographs, then this book on Stanhopes is a must.





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