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 A magnificent terrestrial and astronomical telescope on a fine height adjustable mahogany floor stand.

This telescope, I believe, was made by John Browning of London, retailed by Dr. Arthur Chevalier of Paris and presented to George Cecil Ives (friend of Oscar Wilde) for his 12th Christmas.

The main lens endcap is engraved “George Cecil Ives, November 1879” (George was born Oct. 1867).

The side of the main tube is engravedDOCTEUR Arthur CHAVALIER, Opticien Officer d Acudinire, 158 PALAIS – ROYAL 158, PARISand there is a fine hand engravedJ B November 1879inside the main body tube.

The telescope has a small focussing spotting 'scope attached, 3 interchangeable eyepieces – one low power terrestrial erecting lens and 2 high power inverting astronomical lenses and comes in a fitted transit case with carrying handles each end. The stand is a fine mahogany tripod with geared winding handle to adjust the height of the instrument, for sitting or stand and to accommodate all sizes from small children to full grown adults.

A three draw antique hand held telescope with 1 3/4 inch objective lens, 10 1/4 long closed, 31 1/4 inches long fully extended, with sliding ray shade, removable endcap, sun filter on the sliding eyepiece dust shield, leather covered barrel, complete and in good working order. Although there is no makers name, the 'scope was made in the mid 1800’s and was often referred to as a “Dollond”-

A pair of Antique Brass Galilean field glasses or Binoculars, impressed around each eyepieceTHE LIVERPOOL

These type of field glasses were made from the middle of the 1800’s until optical prism technology overtook the simple Galilean optics in the early 20th century. These, all brass, binoculars are in good condition with brown leather covered barrels, and sliding ray shades. The optics are fine and free of any significant scratches, chips or cracks and they focus smoothly giving a clear image. They measure just under 6 inches in length with shades extended and compress down to 4 inches for storage. The main lenses are 2 inches diameter, and the general finish is very good for the age. A fine example of this mid 19th century instrument.


An assortment of binoculars, including w.w.1. military, nautical, etc





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