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A 19th C. (circa. 1865) lacquered brass Mining Dial with folding sights, circular cover to compass which is silver faced and engraved in script Dancer Manchester with needle clamp and bubble levels, all on a brass staff or tripod mount. The horizontal silver compass is scaled 0 – 360 degrees and has a silver vernier (30–45-V-15–30) on the outside, has four 0 – 90 degree scales on the inside and the cardinal points in mirror image. There is a thumb-wheel with which to rotate the dial horizontally, a tensioning screw to fix the horizontal position, a setting peg to lock it, a sliding needle clamp and a socket with clamp for staff or stand mounting. The dial comes in it's fitted mahogany case with a trade label for J.Cassartelli who serviced it in 1894. The (original) fitted mahogany case is glued and screwed for extra strength, has brass hinges and catches.-sold

This very rare 13 inch surveying level comes complete with all original finishes (bronze lacquered not the more common black), in it's original mahogany fitted case. It has two axis bubble levels, ray shade with opening slide, rack & pinion focussing by thumb-wheel, detachable 4 screw foot and a silver compass with needle clamp, engraved with cardinal points and the makers name Dancer Manchester. There is also a trade label for J.Halden who serviced the instrument on the 2nd of June 1916.- sold

A Rolling Rule by J.B.Dancer. This nickel silver18 inch rolling rule engraved J.B.DANCER . MANCHESTER . And M . K presumably the initials of the first owner. The rule comes in it's original mahogany fitted case with a trade label for J.B.DANCER OPTICIAN MANCHESTER. - sold

A Circular Protractor by J.B.Dancer This brass protractor is 7 inches diameter, engraved 0-360 deg. Around the circumference and has the makers name J.B.Dancer . Optician . Manchester engraved across the bar. The initials TLC, presumably of the first owner, are engraved in script on the back. sold

 A boxed set of Victorian drawing instruments by STANLEY GREAT TURNSTILE HOLBORN LONDON the upper layer carrying the drawing instruments, and the lower carrying the parallel rule, sector, set-square and scale rule. The instruments include compasses, dividers, ivory handled ink drawing pens etc. The case has an inset brass plaque in the lid, brass hinges and lock escutcheon plate, lined in blue velvet and measures eight inches wide. -£295

 A fine ex-Admiralty theodolite without it's telescope. It is boxed and has all the accessories present – eyepiece filters, trough compass, etc., but no telescope. The theodolite is in good condition and is a very comprehensive model as you would expect from the Hydrographic Office. There is a label in the lid showing the last test date as 1935 and the case is printed with “ADMIRALTY H.O.”, the arrow and number 94. - £350

A Surveying Stand. This stand has tripod legs each with a plug-in extension, a brass rotating plate with 360 degree engraving and clamps to the axes. - £110

Surveyor's (Ramsden's) chains. A set of 100 chains or links, to measure 100 feet in 1 foot links. The chains have a brass handle at each end and brass tags at 10 foot intervals, indicating by notches in the tags, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet from each end of the chain.- £50

A mid 20th century Dip Circle with vertical and horizontal scales, plum bob and adjustable tripod feet. The 4 inch needle is mounted in a brass frame with aluminium tripod stand. A dip circle measures the vertical component of the earth's magnetic field. - £250

SPARE PARTS - various spares including a Zeiss theodolite telescope, and un-named telescope, a lid for a mining dial and an erecting eyepiece for a Victorian theodolite, etc. I also have small incomplete sets of drawing instruments, compasses weighing scales and weights so if you are looking for that missing part to complete the set, just let me know what you are looking for - I may have it in stock.


The World's Minerals (with 40 colored plates) by L.J.Spencer - £15 

Engineering Metrology by K.J.Hume - £15






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