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An English marine glazed mahogany cased barograph, from the WWII HMS Sheffield. The eight capsule vacuum chamber and brass mechanism has a 7-day clockwork drum, glass ink bottle with brass dropper, two glazed panels, is engraved with the serial number 4406 and date (1944) and a hinged case with brass carrying handle, hinges and catches. The hinged glazed case has a lever for lifting the pen from the chart and a marker button mechanism. It is 12 1/2 inches long overall. It is complete and is in good working order. - £450



  A large Victorian black lacquered brass FORTIN BAROMETER. Engraved on the silvered scale tubeG.C.BATEMAN, READING, ALSO AT PORTSMOUTH & SOUTHAMPTONSerial No. 24275. The silvered vernier scale calibrated in inches and millimetres of mercury, with thermometer, mounted on the tube and mercury sump with set point. The whole thing is suspended on a mahogany backboard for wall mounting - £495







A Victorian pocket barometer by ASPREY, 166 New Bond St. of London, mounted in an Art Nouveau style brass fretwork table stand. The stand as well as the barometer is signed, although the address on the stand says 166 Bond St. The silver scale reads 24 to 31 inches and gives a weather indication as "sunny, fair, etc." The barometer is 2 inches diameter and the stand is 6 inches tall. - £295







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